A Woman Who Faked Cancer for Donations Was Arrested on Her Way to a “Dr. Phil” Appearance

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25-year-old Melissa Barton of Troy, Illinois has been raising money this year because she has cancer, AND her young son has leukemia.  At least that’s what she’s been telling people at her church and online.

But apparently NEITHER of them has cancer . . . the whole thing was a scam.

And it was a pretty good one . . . she raised up to $10,000 from donations, and was scheduled to be on “Dr. Phil” to tell her story.

She was arrested for felony theft by deception about two weeks ago, but she denied EVERYTHING and got out.  The cops kept investigating, found even MORE victims she’d scammed, and issued a warrant for her arrest.

They finally arrested her again at the airport on Wednesday . . . and the cops believe she was on her way to the “Dr. Phil”taping.

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