Marketing Grant For Your Small Business

As Arizona reopens, Riviera knows that Small Businesses are a vital part of our economy.

Small Businesses being the backbone of our economy, will likely need more help on the road to recovery than corporations. And, as we know, marketing budgets are always the first to go. Yet, it’s what they need the most to generate revenue!

 As a Small Business, you know this!    

 As an advocate of Small Businesses, Riviera knows this too. And, we want to help!

Riviera Broadcasting is thrilled to share that we will be granting ten (10) small businesses $10,000 each in Marketing expenditure through Riviera’s multi-media marketing platforms, including:

Radio                                                                                Email Marketing

Text-in-to-Win Campaigns                                   Promotion and Content Marketing

Data capture                                                             Online Advertising

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