After $32 Million Payday, Mayweather STIFFS Waitress!


Ok…. so Floyd Mayweather earned $32 MILLION DOLLARS on Saturday night after his fight….

and he went out to dinner to celebrate and according to TMZ this is what was ordered:
“5 bottles of Patron – $2,375
3 Grey Goose – $1,425
6 bottles of Ciroc – $2,850
20 bottles of Luc Belaire Rose champagne – $11,500
1 6-liter bottle of Luc Belaire Rose – $6,500
200 chicken wings – $600
1 fruit platter – $55

TOTAL BILL: $25,305. ”

Guess how much he left as a tip????? Nothing.
He had about 150 people with him…so I’m sure the 8+ crew gratuity was included…..but do you think it’s messed up that Floyd didn’t leave anything else for her????

– Dee Garcia

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