Beyonce Forces Etsy to Stop Selling “Feyonce” Mugs

You’ve seen it right?! FEYONCE mugs, t-shirts and more! Here it is just in case:


Well apparently, Beyonce is NOT a fan of the fact that her name is being basically used to sell merchandise on Etsy.

According to TMZ, Beyonce just forced Etsy to stop the sale of one independent seller’s “Feyonce“ coffee mugs.

The cups, which also feature the phrase, “He put a ring on it,“ were reportedly a popular item to buy for the recently engaged. Fiancee, Feyonce? Get it? The letter “o“ in “Feyonce“ was even made to look like a diamond ring.

But TMZ says that after Bey’s lawyers sent Etsy a letter threatening legal action, the company decided to remove the mug from the site.

Really Bey!??!! I think you’re taking yourself and your name wayyy too seriously!!! I have a friend who sported the FEYONCE shirt and I think it’s adorable.

Let me guess, though, it would be okay if you got a cut? Not cute.

There are still scores of Beyonce-inspired items for sale on Etsy, including clothing and other types of drinking glasses… Well, at least for now there are.

Beyoncé Threatens Etsy Over Feyoncé Mugs – Business Insider: Scares the Crap Out of Etsy … Don’t Screw with My Name! | :


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