Bruce Jenner Photographed Wearing A DRESS for the First Time!

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With two days to go until Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer airs on 20/20, the New York Daily News has just published a series of paparazzi photos that show a long-haired Jenner walking around outside his Malibu home wearing a floor-length striped dress.

You can check out the pics here:

The pics reveal that Jenner went to smoke a cigarette on the patio of his hillside mansion, and that the black-and-white dress featured long sleeves and a knee-length slit in the front. The photos come just a couple days after Jenner was photographed on his motorcycle, wearing what appeared to be a sports bra.

The dress pics likewise suggest that Jenner may have already undergone breast augmentation surgery.

I guess this really IS happening! We will know more after the 20/20 interview/special with Diane Sawyer this Friday!

Photo: Instagram


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