Bruce Jenner Will Say “Farewell to Bruce” in Diane Sawyer Interview

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TMZ sources claim that Bruce Jenner will say goodbye to his male persona in his upcoming TV interview with Diane Sawyer. According to insiders, Jenner is looking at the already-taped sitdown as “a farewell to Bruce“ and will “present himself“ publicly as a woman for the first time.

However, the site also states that Jenner won’t dress like a woman on camera or reveal what his new female name might be, so it’s unclear in what other ways Jenner expects to come forth as a woman without those indicators. The interview will air on ABC on April 24.

Bruce Jenner Will “Put His Male Persona to Rest for Good“ During Forthcoming Tell-All Interview:

Bruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer … ’Farewell to Bruce’ | :

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