Did Tyga Lease Kylie Jenners Birthday Ferrari Under Her Name??!?! #OhHellNo


RadarOnline.com is reporting that the $320,000 Ferrari that Tyga gave to Kylie Jenner for her 18th birthday was leased–under her name.

“He couldn’t afford to actually buy one for her,“ a source claims. “Kylie’s sisters and mom are worried that Tyga is trying to cash in on being with her. She’s young and they think she might not see what is going on.“

It’s nice to see that the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is saying something about this creepy relationship now that money is involved. Another sign that Tyga can’t afford his lavish lifestyle: The outlet notes that he was ordered last month to pay $70,000 in back rent and vacate his Calabasas, California, home.


Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Tyga Is ‘Broke’ & Leased Her Lamborghini — Family Worried Rapper Is Trying To Cash In By Dating Her | Radar Online: http://radaronline.com/photos/kylie-jenner-boyfriend-tyga-broke-leased-lamborghini-family-worried-rapper-trying-cash/photo/1194100/Some gift! Did Tyga lease Kylie’s birthday Ferrari? | Page Six: http://pagesix.com/2015/09/04/some-gift-did-tyga-lease-kylies-birthday-ferrari/

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