Do Bigger Women have more FUN!? Better CUDDLE PLUS TIME?!

gello and dee

Who has better cuddle plus time?! Skinny chicks? Or More to Love chicks??!?!?

Here’s the deal–a new info says that women OVER a size 14 have BETTER cuddle plus time than thinner women! First, lets say size 14 is NOT “big” in our eyes, but for the sake of the survey let’s get into it.

What’s the Reason why over size 14 women have better sex????

The “skinnier” you are, the more self conscious you are about your body during those intimate moments. CRAZY RIGHT?!?!!? The info found that thinner women had cuddle plus time MORE OFTEN, but it wasn’t as good. More to love women are having HIGHER QUALITY cuddle plus time!!!!


Deongello & Dee Garcia


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