Does JAY Z have a 21 year old LOVE CHILD?! Look at the PICS!

jay z
21 year old Rymir Satterthwaite has filed a civil lawsuit claiming that rap mogul JAY Z is his father! The guy claims that he and his mom used to hook up in the early 90’s.

Back in 2010, the mother tried to get Jay Z to take a paternity test but a judge turned the case away because SHE lived in Jersey…and he “proved” that he lived in New York. First off, they’re right next to each other COME ON!!! Second, I bet you $$$ that that judge was PAID $$$$ to make THAT go away!

Fast Forward to 2015, and Rymir himself has filed the suit against Jay…stating that he LIED about the address to get out of taking the paternity test. The suit claims that Jay owns three homes in New Jersey and the two addresses he gave in New York were FAKES. One was his office, the other was a PARKING GARAGE!!!!

It definitely SOUNDS questionable to me…but then again, it’s annoying that people want to come out of the wood works just to extort you.

Here’s a pic of Rymir and Jay side by side:

rymir and jay

They don’t look alike to ME!


Photo: Instagram

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