Donald Trump Boots Univision’s JORGE RAMOS From Iowa Press Event!! GRRR.


Donald Trump sure has a unique way of pursuing the Latino vote.

Not gonna happen, ever.

After casually referring to Mexican immigrants as “rapists“ during his campaign kickoff speech, last night Trump upped the ante by having Univision reporter Jorge Ramos kicked out of a news conference in Iowa.

Their row began after Ramos stood up to ask a questions, even though he hadn’t been called on. Before having him booted, Trump told Ramos, “Go back to Univision.”

Jorge Ramos was later allowed back into the press event after Trump said, “He was out of order.“ This morning, Trump told Matt Lauer on TODAY, “This man gets up and starts ranting and raving and screaming, and honestly being very disrespectful to all the other reporters.”

Yeah, like he was going to LET him have the time of day. Either way, TRUMP is the disrespectful one. He treats Latinos like scum.

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