Donald Trump Lets Woman Touch His Hair to Prove It’s Not a Toupee


Well, that settles that. LOL

Donald Trump put rumors about his hair to rest once and for all during a campaign stop in South Carolina on Thursday.

Upset that his hair’s authenticity was questioned in a blurb in The New York Times, the disgruntled GOP frontrunner pointed to a random woman in the audience and asked her to come onstage to do “an inspection.” “This is getting crazy,” he told her. “Just real quick. We don’t want to mess it up too much because I do use hairspray.”

The lady proceeded to check out his ‘do and declared that it was, indeed, real hair. Trump also made sure to point out that he had never met the woman before that afternoon.

Donald Trump Asks Woman to Examine His Hair to Prove He Doesn’t Wear a Toupee’€”Watch! | E! Online: http://www.eonline.com/news/690489/donald-trump-asks-woman-to-examine-his-hair-to-prove-he-doesn-t-wear-a-toupee-watch

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