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Father Confronts Stranger After He Saw Him Taking Photos Of His Daughter!!! #MeilaniOnYourRadio

A father confronted a ‘pervert’ for taking secret photographs of his daughter as they were shopping in a Walmart store. “He had the flash on, walking around… and then as soon as he walked past my daughter, he took a picture of her” The furious father goes on to insist that the man, who has not been formally identified, had since deleted the photo of his daughter from his mobile phone. “That’s why you are shaking like a leaf like that because I saw what I saw and you are shaking because you lied. That is what it is”  the man claims.



The angry father points at the accused man and describes how he is ‘almost having a heart attack…because I busted him’ “You are lucky I am not going to bust you more because otherwise I am going to be arrested” the father says as a security guard starts to calmly intervene.

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