George Zimmerman Calls Virginia Shooting “Hate Crime” by a “Pansy” :-/


Thank goodness George Zimmerman has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts about yesterday’s horrific shooting during a morning news broadcast in Virginia.


“Pansy Fester Lee Flanagan too much of a daisy to deal with racism,“ Zimmerman tweeted on Wednesday afternoon.

(His use of “pansy“ and “daisy“ is presumably because Flanagan was gay.)

“Hate crime, 100 percent. Racist Obama says nothing condemning.“

Trayvon Martin’s killer later tweeted, “White woman and man get murdered by a black piece of s**t. Eight hours later, B. Hussein Obama the divider still says NOTHING.”

Yes, because we are going to listen to what YOU have to say about a Hate Crime, George.

George Zimmerman: Virginia “hate crime” shootings committed by “pansy” and condoned by “ignorant baboon” Barack Obama – Salon.com: http://www.salon.com/2015/08/27/george_zimmerman_virginia_hate_crime_shootings_committed_by_pansy_and_condoned_by_ignorant_baboon_barack_obama/

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