Goodwill Sorry for Warning Staff Against “Resting Kanye Face”


Goodwill has apologized for showing less-than-good will toward Kanye West after the thrift-store chain recently distributed a flyer to employees warning them to avoid “resting Kanye face.”

“Employees want leaders they feel comfortable approaching and communicating with,“ the flyer reads under the headline, “Do you suffer from resting Kanye face?”

The flyer, which TMZ obtained a copy of, then shows five identical images of Kanye looking ticked off, underscored by such words as “scared,“ “excited“ and “concerned.“ The company has since said in a statement, “It was unacceptable…[Goodwill] meant no disrespect to Kanye.”





Kanye West: Goodwill Faces the Music … We Screwed Up | TMZ.com : http://www.tmz.com/2015/12/10/goodwill-kanye-west-apology/

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