Iggy Azalea’s Phone Number was LEAKED by PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA?!?

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When you order pizza, you leave a call back number. No matter WHO you are. If you’re Iggy Azalea or any other celebrity, you’re definitely HOPING your number is safe and secure when you get that pepperoni and cheese hand tossed pie!

Unfortunately that was NOT THE CASE. An employee that took Iggy’s order and contact information SHARED her number with his family!!!!

Iggy RANTED about the breach of privacy on Twitter:

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Papa John’s has plans to officially apologize to Iggy Azalea after one of their employees shared the singer’s phone number with a handful of family members. “We are reaching out directly to Ms. Azalea and hope to resolve this incident and make it right,” a representative for the pizza company told TMZ on Monday.


Free pizza for life sounds like a good remedy to ME!

Papa John’s Pizza — We’re Sorry Iggy Azalea … Blabbing Driver Was Disciplined | TMZ.com : http://www.tmz.com/2015/02/09/papa-johns-iggy-azalea-pizza-driver-leaked-phone-number-sorry/


Photos: Instagram/Twitter

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