In Theaters This Weekend…

Black Mass:  Lately Johnny Depp has had some films that sounded like they could be good but weren’t, and some that were just ok.  However, in this film I think we finally got that great performance that we knew we would eventually get again from Johnny.  All the hype I heard about this film and his performance completely lived up to it all.  Including the supporting cast of Benedict Cumberbatch and Joel Edgerton, who where just as good.  I hesitate to say it will become a “gangster” classic like Goodfellas or The Departed but Depp really did an amazing and believable job on this one.

Everest:  I can not recall seeing a film in the recent past that had such amazing cinematography.  I have to go back all the way to Forest Gump as the only stand out in my memory.  This was a movie that not only did I enjoy just looking at it, but really watching it too.  Everest is based on a true story, and one I was glad I did not read about before I saw it.  I found myself really involved with what was happening and even surprised by the ending.  This is one I would gladly see again.

Sleeping With Other People:  I like Alison Brie & Jason Sudeikis so when I heard about this movie I really wanted to see it.  Their two characters were rude but sensitive, funny but sad and friends who couldn’t admit they wanted more.  And I liked it… I think others might like it too.

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials:  The one movie out this week I didn’t see.  So all I can say is… It’s out this weekend.

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