You WILL NOT BELIEVE Who Justin Bieber is Dating NOW! CLICK HERE ->

It is REBOUND CENTRAL for Jelena! Selena Gomez is on to DJ ZEDD And now…Justin Bieber was spotted with SUPERMODEL NAOMI CAMPBELL!

JB is 20 and Naomi is 44!!!! wow. They were spotted hanging out at New York Fashion Week-they walked the red carpet and were seen holding hands. Look at the SUSPECT PICS:

jb naoimi 2
jb naoinm1

Apparently, Naomi saved him a front row seat to her show too…
I don’t know..but if this is true–SHE’S GOING TO CHEW HIM UP AND SPIT HIM OUT!

Justin Bieber And Naomi Campbell Were Doing WHAT Backstage At Her Fashion Show? – MTV:

[PIC] Naomi Campbell & Justin Bieber’s PDA: Holding Hands At NY Fashion Week – Hollywood Life:

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