Katy Perry Accidentally Shares Her Phone Number Online

katy perry IG

Whoops! On Twitter and Instagram yesterday, Katy Perry accidentally gave out her digits to, oh, about 86 million of her followers. Perry posted a video of her pooch, apparently not realizing that his dog tag offered a clear-as-day view of her phone number.

“B**CH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY IF B**CH WANTS SAUSAGES!“ Perry obliviously captioned the photo. After some of her kinder fans notified her about the number, the videos were taken down and Perry’s number was reportedly deactivated.

One fan tweeted, “Hi there, would you just reconnect your number so we can send you a video of us singing ’Walking on Air?’ Thank you.“

Katy Perry Accidentally Gives Out Her Phone Number – Us Weekly: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/katy-perry-accidentally-gives-out-her-phone-number-201514

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