KIMYE are getting North…the BEST. GIFT. EVER! Find out WHAT!



New Idea, an Australian tabloid are reporting that KIMYE are getting North pretty much the best gift EVER. Ladies and Gentlemen…remember coloring books??? Barbie Dolls?? Oh no, not enough for Kim and Ye’s baby!!!

They are considering buying a PRIVATE ISLAND so that their 17 month-old can have her very own AMUSEMENT PARK.

This is just too much. The name of the island: Turtle. It is a 23.25-acre island that is worth $5 million and is off the coast of Queensisland.


The property is described as a truly “private island fit for a movie star or recluse celebrity.” I can imagine Kanye being down with that…but Kim Looooooves those cameras. Pretty sure she loves the safety of her daughter EVEN MORE, though.

– Deongello & Dee



Photo: Instagram

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