Mayweather Confirms He Witnessed Murder-Suicide on FaceTime

Losing a friend to violence (or self inflicted violence) is never easy….for ANYONE. But to  witness it…that’s just something else.

Rumors were circling that Floyd Mayweather was on FACETIME when the murder-suicide involving Earl Hayed and Stephanie Mosely….and now TMZ says Floyd CONFIRMED it to the LAPD:

Floyd Mayweather has confirmed to the Los Angeles Police Department that he was on FaceTime with Earl Hayes when the distraught rapper allegedly murdered his wife and then himself on Monday. TMZ reports that the boxer met with the LAPD for two hours on Wednesday giving his account, saying that Hayes walked away from the phone during their conversation, shot Stephanie Moseley several times, then came back to the phone. Hayes then told Mayweather that he was going to shoot himself. Mayweather tried to talk him out of it, but could not. It’s unclear from TMZ’s report whether Mayweather heard or saw the suicide. Mayweather said he and Hayes were talking about Moseley’s infidelities, but denied riling the rapper up.

Floyd Mayweather Tells Cops … I Heard the Murder/Suicide | :

Floyd Mayweather details murder-suicide to LAPD | Page Six:



CRAZY!!!!! That’s going  to take a LOT of therapy to move past. Or perhaps more court side basketball games….

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