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Meek Mill Goes Off On Fan! #MeilaniOnYourRadio

#News | #MeekMill addresses a fan that put up a #Drake sign at the #foolsgold event in #Brookyln

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On Monday night, Meek headlined the Fools Gold Festival in Brooklyn, where one fan decided to throw up a Drake sign during his set, and quickly grab the attention of Meek and his camp. Aside from just calling the fan out, Meek decided to send a “shooter” from his entourage to stand right next to him and make him feel the pressure. “Put that Drake sign up again, ni**a”, Meek said in between songs. “F**k you talkin’ ’bout you fu**in’ clown. Don’t ever come in here and fu**in’ play on no Meek Milly tryna pick on me like I’m a fu**in’ dweeb or somethin’.”





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