Miss Jackson is SUING Floyd Mayweather-> HE HELD HER AT GUN POINT!?

WOW!!!!! Okay, so for those who say DON’T MAKE FUN OF Floyd Mayweather because he can’t read….how about THIS!?

His x fiance Miss Jackson has finally opened up about what Floyd did to her. She said he CHOKED her in 2012 after he got out of jail for beating Josie Harris, his baby mama.

Miss Jackson even said that Floyd PULLED A GUN ON HER more than once saying “Which toe do you want me to shoot?” He held her at gunpoint when he demanded she give back her 17 carat engagement ring when they split up!!!!!

Cherry on top? He beat her earlier this year AGAIN.

Now, she is suing him for defamation and more after Floyd claimed she aborted his twin babies.

I’m sorry, but this guy is an ASS! Check out the whole story here: http://bit.ly/1t9kYsW

– Dee Garcia

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