Mom Creates new App that forces Kids/Teens to CALL BACK!


Sharon Standifird–a Houston, Texas mother…invented a new app that FORCES your kids to call you back!!!!

Remember when your kiddo ASKED for the phone? You probably heard something like “I need it…that way I can check in with you and you can know I’m okay when I’m not home.” Problem being, a LOT of times when you try and get a hold of your kid, they IGNORE your calls!!!

Well, IGNORE NO MORE!!! That’s the name of the app Sharon created. After your kid IGNORES your phone call, their phone gets LOCKED! No texting, using apps, NOTHING—until they call you back.

Only TWO things are possible when this happens: they call you back, or they can call 911. THEN you can GIVE them the unlock code! It’s only available on android right now and it costs $1.99….

What do you think?? Invasion of privacy??? WAY too much? Is this mom CRAZY….or is this PERFECT for your kids/teens??

Photo: Instagram


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