Mr. Hefe says Iggy WAS Over 18 in Sex Video & MORE!


Oh Mr. Hefe….I just don’t believe you!!!! Mr. Hefe is the dude that’s in the sex tape with Iggy. He says YES it’s Iggy, no she was not underage.

Up to that point, I DO BELIEVE HIM.

Here’s what I’m not buying—he’s saying his hard drive was swiped two months ago and THAT’S how the tape got out.

He told TMZ that he did NOT sell it to VIBE but is open to cutting a deal with them for it. I think this is just a money hungry guy trying to make money off of Iggy—who unfortunately took part in this tape without THINKING and now it’s coming back to haunt her.

The good thing is that whether or not HE cuts the deal, Iggy would have to sign off on it as well–which seems unlikely. After having MET Iggy, I can just imagine how embarrassed she would be by it…she’s actually really TIMID!!! poor girl.

This guy said in his TMZ video that he had worried about it leaking….and THAT’S WHY I DON’T BELIEVE HIM…because that video was on his computer for years…my thought: he was waiting for the right moment and situation. If he was REALLY worried, he would have deleted it. He’s just trying to make some money off of Iggy Iggs. What an ass.

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