Nicki Minaj Leaves Behind $11K Gown She Wore to Brother’s Wedding!!


Nicki Minaj’s older brother got married on Long Island over the weekend, and while Minaj reportedly paid for the $40,000 nuptials, the dress she wore to the affair–which she absent-mindedly left behind–was an $11,000 loaner.

In fact, multiple outlets reports that Minaj apparently wore the gold Emilio Pucci dress to the wedding with the tags still on it.

“I’ve had a few calls from people trying to claim the dress,“ venue owner Butch Yamali told Page Six. “But the gown is so valuable, I only want to give it directly back to Nicki or someone from her family.“ A source says Nicki’s stylist later called the venue to “keep the dress locked up until she could send someone to pick it up.”

Wait so does that mean she was pulling the all-star ghetto move of WEARING something, keeping the tags on it, and taking it back?!?!?!


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