OMG! Now we know why Amber filed for DIVORCE & it’s CRAZY!

OK! so we now know the reason why Amber Rose filed for divorce.

So apparently Wiz Khalifa decided that he “just didn’t want to be married to Amber” anymore and he moved out a few weeks before she filed.

So Amber showed up to his new place at 2am and found him in bed with another woman!!! She went nuts (rightfully.)

As far as Wiz goes, he doesn’t believe he cheated on her because he had already moved out.

Amber blasted Wiz on twitter for cheating.

DID HE CHEAT?!?! He moved out, and THEN slept with another woman— but he WAS STILL MARRIED.

What’s the deal.

We need to know.

– Deongello & Dee Garcia

Photo: Instagram


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