Soccer Stud Buys Roses for Rihanna After They Go Clubbing in L.A.


YES! This is what I’m talking about! Woo the ladies the old fashioned way!

The alleged romance between Rihanna and French soccer stud Karim Benzema continued to heat up on Monday when the two were spotted partying together at Hollywood hotspot Henry’s.

TMZ reports that the two exited the club separately because of the waiting paparazzi. However, Benzema (who plays for Real Madrid) made it known he had romance on his mind when he got into his waiting SUV, then bought a bunch of roses from an old woman selling flowers outside of the venue.

Tell me that’s not sweet. Girl, get yourself a gentleman!

Photo: Instagram

Rihanna — Clubbing With Karim Benzema … Soccer Star Drops $$$ On Roses | :

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