Taylor Swift

Sorry Kanye–Taylor Swift is *MORE* Influential than YOU!

Taylor SwiftKanye West

No matter WHAT Kanye West believes–people think Taylor Swift is a WAY bigger deal than he is.
A new survey from Nielsen Talent Analytics found that only 24% of adults consider HIM to be influential, as opposed to Taylor’s 55%!!!!!!
Do you agree with that?!?!! Musical preference aside, who is more INFLUENTIAL?

Kanye doesn’t even make enough of a commotion to be considered the most offensive celebrity out there. Some 56 percent find him offensive, compared to 61 percent for Miley Cyrus.



Kanye West Less Influential Than Taylor Swift, Says Nielsen Study: http://www.forbes.com/sites/zackomalleygreenburg/2016/02/19/kanye-west-less-influential-than-taylor-swift-says-nielsen-study/#441de6d51e74


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