Usher Wants Tameka to CHANGE HER LAST NAME BACK to Foster!

So as we know, Tameka RAYMOND…decided to keep Usher’s last name after they got divorced.

She said: “I have small children and it was hard enough explaining to them why Daddy doesn’t live here anymore, so I can’t imagine how I’d explain to them why Mommy doesn’t have the same last name as them. Plus I think I earned this name…”

In a recent interview with Dish Nation…Usher opened up about HIS thoughts on it:

“Uumm… She married me. I’ll marry again. And when I do, you know, I don’t wanna have a harem. I just hope that when I do it will be a departure.”

Basically, he’s hoping she changes her last name back to Foster when HE gets remarried.

What do you think??? Who is “in the right” here? Should Tameka keep Raymond or go back to Foster??? What’s the “right thing to do” when you get divorced?

– Dee Garcia

Photo: facebook

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