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    Hot Import Nights

      Power 98.3 & 96.1 is at it again as we bring you Hot Import Nights! Experience the ultimate import attraction. From concert, concert, Dj Party, fashion show, lifestyle event, import babes to music, Miss HIN 2017 and more Saturday June 3rd at Westworld of Scottsdale. Listen during the Power ...

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Spicy Hot Skittles and Starburst Are Coming Soon?

  Can ANY food be improved by adding spice and heat?  I think THIS is the ultimate test.     Wrigley just announced that they’re making brand new SPICY HOT versions of Skittles and Starburst.  And both of them are coming out in December.  According to their press release, they’ll be, quote, “fruity flavors with a […]

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Four Chocolate Bars a Week Is Good for Your Heart

   Any study that makes me feel less guilty about eating CANDY every day deserves way more funding . . .     Harvard researchers just put out a new one that found eating chocolate up to SIX TIMES A WEEK is good for your heart.     It lowers your risk of developing an […]

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Michael Jordan’s 1984 Olympic Sneakers Up For Auction

LeBron might’ve just paved the way to his seventh consecutive NBA Finals, but the ghost of Michael Jordan continues to loom over the game. Even if it’s just his shoes. SCP Auctions is showcasing a pair of hand-signed Michael Jordan sneakers from the 1984 Olympics. The kicker is that they’re a pair of Converse. That’s right. Before Nike […]

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Alabama Man Teaches Fathers How To Do Their Daughters’ Hair

This single dad has arrived to aid fellow fathers with a task that takes care and patience — especially if your little girl is tender-headed.   According to WHNT19, Darious Bland launched an event called “Can Daddy Do My Hair?” where fathers learn how to style their daughters’ tresses. Before the event’s beginnings, Bland said he was still […]

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