Do Bigger Women have more FUN!? Better CUDDLE PLUS TIME?!

Who has better cuddle plus time?! Skinny chicks? Or More to Love chicks??!?!? Here’s the deal–a new info says that women OVER a size 14 have BETTER cuddle plus time than thinner women! First, lets say size 14 is NOT “big” in our eyes, but for the sake of the survey let’s get into it. […]

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13 Signs Your Significant Other Is Cheating on You

How can you tell if your man is stepping out on you without cyberstalking him or resorting to similarly psychotic tactics? Thought Catalog has helpfully come up with a list of 13 secret and often overlooked signs your significant other is cheating on you. They are:Timestamping. Optimizing precious moments with a lover is a balancing […]

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Celebrities React to the Michael Brown Decision!

Whether you agree with the decision in Ferguson or not, you most definitely have an opinion. Yesterday officer Darren Wilson was NOT indicted for killing 18 year old, un-armed Michael Brown. This, in our opinion, is not a RACIAL situation…but rather a Police Officer vs Civilian situation. People have weighed in from across the country, […]

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