CLICK to find out who is STARRING in the LATEST Celeb Sex Tape!

NEW CELEBRITY SEX TAPE ALERT!!! Who did it now? Iggy? Rihanna? Nope. This time, it’s for the ladies. In particular, the USHER FANS!!!! You like his sexy body? His dance moves? His voice?! Well, ladies. It’s out there. A sex tape with his x-wifey Tameka Raymond. Back in 2010, someone broke into Usher’s car and […]

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Kim Kardashian got paid HOW MUCH to POSE NUDE!?!?

Surprise, Surprise ladies and gentlemen, I would have BET MY LIFE that Kim got paid at least HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to pose completely butt naked for Paper Magazine.   If you haven’t seen the pics, you can click here –> But guess what? She got paid $0 !!!!!   Why??? Because Paper Mag […]

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3 Ways to AVOID the Holiday Blues!

The Holidays can be a little TOUGH on People–emotionally speaking! Broke, split family, single…there’s a LOT of things that can make this season hard. So here are Three Things that can help your MOOD Stay Jolly & Bright: 1. Exercise. A study at Princeton University found that exercise boosts your serotonin levels for HOURS, not […]

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So…they’re back together right?? Khloe Kardashian congratulated French Montana on his birthday via Instagram. She posted this pic…with the caption: “Happy birthday baby boy. In only a short amount of time we have created timeless memories. Happy birthday to a man who genuinely lives life to the fullest. ‘What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained.’ […]

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