6lack: A Love Letter To Phoenix

By: Erika Minnix

Since 2016, 6lack (Black), or as he often gets called 6-lack, has been capturing hearts with his poetic, heartfelt lyrics. His statewide tour, Since I Have A Lover’, lives up to the hype that follows with him. A week before his tour, he was in the studio with Jessie Reyez as they finished recording their new single “Homicide.” What a way to kick off a tour.

Even though the show took place in an indoor venue–The Vanburen, 6lack’s visuals made the audience feel like they were on cloud 9, cruising down with open windows. His smooth, buttery voice sensuates the venue with serenity and tranquility. It’s hard to convey these intense feelings live, yet even from the audience, concertgoers were mesmerized by his hues of purple and blue haze over the audience.

6lack lives up to his last name, Valentine, with his heartfelt love letters to himself and his fans. Love is a beautiful yet terrifying emotion to experience. 6lack’s hunger for love and IDGAF attitude about a relationship are conveyed with his heartfelt lyrics. He puts his soul and whole emotion into his songs. His voice smoothly vibrated. It is easy to fall in love at a 6lack show. Couples in the audience felt his passion from upstage as they did the cute thing of being held with arms wrapped around, swaying back and forth with their head on the shoulder. 

He had the audience hooked during his hour-and-a-half set, going through all the highs and lows of what happens within relationships. Moments of the highest high, unstoppable on top of the world feeling. 6lack also takes his fans to be on the lowest of lows, tearing up and begging them to come back. There were some silent tears in the crowd. Put the phone down, and delete that feels paragraph. Just because the feelings are there does not mean it needs to happen. Amidst all the chaos of living and experiencing if you get lost, all roads of love lead back to East Atlanta love letters.

On the contrary, when he performed his IDGAF attitude songs, it was easy to remember that you are better off without them. Turn that head and keep walking; don’t look back. 6lack closing the show with “Switch,” as the audience requested, was the perfect closing reminder to boost egos. He finished off the night confident and not as in the feels.  

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