J.Steele In The Afternoon- Cordae Interview

By: Erika Minnix

There may be extensive heat in the valley, but, Cordae brought his bar-spitter heat to Power 98.3 & 96.1 when he headlined As interconnected as the music industry is, there is always a discovery around the corner. NF has a distinct protective sound. NF has built his core audience in a lowkey manner. Social media pushes artists to advertise content and become relevant in the pop culture industry. However, NF has proven, time after time, that lowkey artists can, too, sell out arenas.

Throughout NF’s career, his previous albums NF has only one to two feature artists. Oddly enough, Cordae first discovered NF in 2019 because they dropped an album on the same day. Perception, NF’s album went number one. Yet they didn’t link up until 2022. 

The two discovered each other when Cordae had a show in NF’s hometown, which led them to be on the Hope Tour together. Cordae recently made a stop in Phoenix as NF’s opener. However, their two different musical styles differ. Cordae expresses how NF’s spiritual-based lyrics with no explicit language.

Cordae’s style is expressive; NF has allowed Cordae to have the creative direction to curate a setlist that would best touch the hearts of NF’s established crowd. During this curation process, Cordae remains true to himself.

Hip-Hop rappers tend to overthink and worry about outsiders’ opinions. But in making music for the artists themselves, they cannot go to the studio concerned with the pressures due to social media’s rise. Cordae feels he is most likely to overthink when there are high stakes to lose. Throughout his career, he discovers that he stays true to himself if he is proud of his release.

Cordae mentions that he would rather scrap a project that he feels could be more timely than produce subpar music or music videos for his fans. When an artist is authentic, it will reflect in their lyrics. Cordae has mastered having fun and not caring what people think. 

An artist is only as strong as their catalog is. Cordae’s recent projects include a feature on Eric Bellinger‘s Curious& Fabulous off his 1(800)HIT-EASY: Line 2 album, leading Curious to be #15 on the charts. In a recent interview with Eric Bellinger, he described his awe of working with Cordae. Cordae blessed listeners with bars on his Curious verse. Every verse in that song came with great bars. This past year he only released three singles, including his newest single, ‘Make Up Your Mind,’ pushed Cordae’s musical talents as he dabbles with funky feel-good beats.  

Cordae has been in the studio with many cold artists and music producers throughout his career. He has learned from Master Dr. Luke. Due to Dr. Luke’s guidance, Cordae has had the opportunity to produce top-hit singles. Other prominent artists Cordae has had studio sessions with include Pharrell and other hottest hip-hop and R&B artists such as Anderson Pack, HER, and Lil Durk.

Cordae’s ‘Make Up Your Mind’ is played here on Power 98.3 & 96.1, Where Hip-Hop Has Always Lived.

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