Your Quick & Simple Review: “Fighting With My Family”

Growing up in a family of professional wrestlers from Norwich, England, Paige (Florence Pugh), and her brother Zak (Jack Lowden) earn the opportunity they’d dreamed about their whole lives… a chance to audition for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).  When things don’t go as planned and only Paige receives the invitation to join the company in Orlando, Florida.  On her own, Paige struggles with her new life.  But eventually learns that what makes her different from everyone else, will make her a star.

Right from the get-go of this movie, we realize this is not going to be your typical family film.  Although the Bevis’s would appear to be a dysfunctional clan, in reality, they are the typical loving family that supports each other through thick and thin… they just have a different way of showing it, in the form of a piledriver.

But I like how this wasn’t just a “wrestling” movie, the really made sure to capture bond that the family has with each other.  Especially between Paige and her brother Zak.  The two youngest members of the family.  They had the same dream, she receives the opportunity to realize her dream, he doesn’t.   Creating a wedge between the two, when it’s obvious that they each need each other to make it on the new path they must now travel.

This is definitely a great film that I look forward to seeing again.  After all, a story that is fun and funny as well as inspiring is one that should be seen more than once.


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