In Movie Theaters This Weekend

This is one of those rare weekends where there is plenty to see and something for everyone… so let’s get to it – Eric

Dolemite Is My Name

This is only playing in the valley at the FilmBar in Downtown Phoenix, but also premieres on NetFlix this weekend… Starring Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes and an All-Star cast, this is the movie we’ve been waiting for for a loooong time from Eddie.  Based on a true story, this film is gut busting funny from beginning to end.  More than likely, the movie as well as Eddie & Wesley’s names will be mentioned more than a few times when awards nominations start coming out in the next few weeks…. This is a Must See Movie!!!

jojo Rabbit

Every year there is that one film that is so different from everything else, but done so well, you can’t help to want to watching more than once… This year it’s JoJo Rabbit.  A dark comedy, that takes place in Germany during World War II, with an outstanding cast led by two young performers, Roman Griffin Davis & Thomasin McKenzie, who are charming and funny, even though right outside their door death & destruction is all around them… Playing exclusively this weekend at the Harkins Camelview at Fashion Square Mall.


What if an app could tell you how long before you die???  I didn’t get to see this one ahead of time, but since I do like horror flicks… I’ll be watching this one this weekend

Black And Blue

A fast paced action thriller, starring Naomie Harris, about a rookie cop being chased by corrupt cops trying to get her incriminating body-cam footage.  Only one person from her community is willing to help her, Tyrese Gibson.

The Lighthouse

Critics are loving this one.  Starring William DaFoe & Robert Pattenson, about tow light house keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890’s… It’s playing in select theaters across the valley this weekend.


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