In Movie Theaters This Weekend

Usually at this time of year we don’t get the best selection of movies.  However, this weekend that’s really not the case.  There just happens to be some good movies coming to the big screen.  So here’s what out for you to check out.


This one I was looking forward to watching.  A fun little adventure that stars two fan favorites… Chris Pratt & Tom Holland.  However, I’m kinda mixed on this one because when it started, the pace of the film was pretty slow.  So slow that at some point my friend elbowed me because I was snoring too loud.  But after that, the rest was great.  As a fan of films and story’s like Lord Of The Rings & The Witcher, the fact that they incorporated that kinda of magic into this story was cool.  While at the same time getting in a message about cherishing what you have and not dwelling on what you don’t.   Regardless of my brief cat nap, Onward will keep the audience it’s intended for entertained.

The Way Back

This is the film coming out this weekend I was most anxious to see.  Starring, Ben Affleck, as a one time promising high school athlete whose adult life is spiraling downward.  That is until an opportunity arises at his former school and becomes the catalyst for his life turning around.  But still needs to fight the demons that have plagued his life until then.   Now, what I had hoped for in this one was a strong performance from Ben and that’s exactly what I got.  Since this character pretty much mirrors his real life, I was pretty sure he would be able to tell this story well.  The only real issue I had with this one was that I think it took too long getting to the real emotional moments for his character.  At one point, when I thought the film was almost over, I actually wondered if they were gonna come back around to it.  Eventually they did, but should have did so much sooner.  Unlike other movies that have similar stories… like The Rookie, Coach Carter & The Blind Side… that end with a warm fuzzy feeling of We Did It, The Way Back actually leaves you more with a nice feeling of hope for our main character, Jack.   That’s what I really liked.  So even though I had small issues with the story, Ben’s performance is totally worth the price of admission.

The Banker

Now, I love these “Based On True Events” movies.   Even more the ones that have some real historical value to them.  Which brings us to, The Banker.  Starring Anthony Mackie & Samuel L. Jackson as the real life, 1960’s, real estate investors, Bernard Garrett & Joe Morris.  Both men tell this story with strong performances.  Personally, I think Mackie is one really good dramatic performance away from becoming an award nominee.  But even though this one had it’s moments where he had to bring some verbal heat, most of it was just too simple.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  It just didn’t get me to really root for these two men, to, as Sam Jackson’s character put it… Stick It To The Man.  Still a good movie, but, for me, it was more of just a history lesson of an event that brought about change to the system.  Now if you wanna check this one out, it’s playing exclusively at the Harkins Scottsdale 101 this weekend.


Also In Theaters…

Burden… Starring… Garrett Hedlund, Andrea Riseborough, Forest Whitaker, Tom Wilkinson, Tess Harper & Usher Raymond IV… Playing Exclusively at the Harkins Camelview At Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale.

Emma.… Starring… Anya Taylor-Joy, Bill Nighy, Mia Goth, Callum Turner, Miranda Hart, Josh O’Connor, Rupert Graves & Gemma Whelan

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