New & Steaming This Weekend

Even though theaters can open, there just isn’t anything new for them to show yet.  Fortunately, streaming services are still delivering quality films to give you something new to view while keeping yourself in self-quarantine.  This weekend, there are two new films you can spend some time with, that will leave you satisfied and maybe even wanting to watch again.

The High Note

I do like me a good Rom-Com, and The High Note does have some highs, but also has a couple of lows too.  Although the story is nice, it was also very slow for my tastes.  Dakota Johnson, who gives a solid performance, is very soft spoken, and that started to drive me nuts, especially when I wanted the film to pick it up a bit.  I enjoyed the love story that develops between her and Kelvin Harrison Jr , but also found it to be kinda predictable.  The best parts of the movie were definitely the one’s where Tracee Ellis Ross was on screen.  She was, for me, the high of The High Note.  When she and Ice Cube had scenes together, it was even better.

After watching this a couple of times, I wouldn’t say I was disappointed with this movie, but I would say it could have did a little more and been a little better.  Still an enjoyable movie to sit back on the sofa with and just relax for a couple of hours…. it’s available to stream this weekend on Video On Demand.


The Vast Of Night

This is one I was really looking forward to.  It’s a simple film with an old school feel to it.  Add in the Sci-Fi elements and a great unknown cast, this is one to watch, more than once…. I know I did.

Right of the bat this one feels and looks different from what you’re probably used to.  And you really need to pay attention to the dialog, cause it matters as the movie goes along.  Again, I’m one of those people that likes things to move along, but you need to be patient with this one.  Some scenes have very long dialog.  And I mean long.  But it means something and the payoff is worth it in the end.

Even though this looks like a very simple film, and i like that it feels that way too.  But, as a fan of movies, there were some camera shots as well as special effects that really made this more than just a simple film… and I really liked it.

It’s available to stream this weekend on Amazon Prime… So sit back, turn off the lights and enjoy.


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