Your Quick & Simple Review: “Avengers: EndGame” ***No Spoilers***

Picking up not long after the events of Infinity War, Tony Stark, with no food or water and nearly out of oxygen, sends a message to Pepper Potts.   Back on Earth, the remaining Avengers — Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and Bruce Banner are trying desperately to figure out a way to bring back those who  vanished after the Thanos snap… 

Let’s just start by saying how AWESOME this film was.  Big congratulations to the Russo Brothers, Anthony & Joe, for having one hell of a challenge of telling these two final stories and making it look easy.

They really held nothing back with EndGame either.  They covered a lot of ground in the 3 hour run time and made every minute count.  So much so, it really didn’t feel like 3 hours.  And they really got you emotionally sucked in too.  With so many exciting sequences… some were action packed, some were very funny, and some were heart warming as well as heart breaking… You might need a couple of tissues.

I was glad to see so many faces, that we hadn’t seen in a while, back on the screen again.  Even if it was just for a quick second.  Their inclusion added that much more to this finale.

What was even better, for me as a comic book fan, things that we know about some of these characters, that happens to them in the comics, comes to pass here.  Which was very exciting.  So if all you know about the Marvel hero’s is what you seen in the movies, then you might not get it.

Although it seems as if the Russo’s dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s… I tend to think they left just enough open for some new adventures… You’ll have to see it for yourself to see what I mean.



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