Your Quick & Simple Review: “Free Guy”

Talk about a movie that is so many things rolled into one.  Action, Comedy, kinda DramaISH and you can add Romantic too.  Most importantly, it was fun.

As a fan of Ryan Reynolds movies, this is the kind of film that I think worked perfectly with his comedic style.   Unlike his last movie outing, The Hitman’s Wifes Bodyguard, Free Guy is exactly what you expected when you saw the trailer.  And, there are mucho plenty fun surprises that you wouldn’t have expected.  Especially during the final act.

Not only did Ryan deliver a solid performance, so did the entire cast.  I think my favorite, other than Ryan, had to be Lil Rel Howery.  Every time those two were together, I couldn’t help but smile the entire time.  Also, even though they never share an actual scene together, this is a great redeeming film for Taika Waititi & Reynolds.  Since their last movie together, Green Lantern didn’t do very well… nor was it very good.  But I blame that film’s director, Martin Campbell, for that mess.  Free Guys director, Shawn Levy, knocked this one out of the park taking us on this journey.

If you go check it out this weekend, know you are not only in for some good laughs, you’re also in for a visually good time.  Free Guy, for me, is the first gut-busting comedy I’ve seen this year.  And I think the big screen is where you should be watching this one this weekend.



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