Your Quick & Simple Review: “Godzilla vs. Kong”

The REAL bad boys are back, and Hong Kong is in for a very long night of death and destruction.

This long-awaited epic clash between Godzilla and Kong was pretty much what I expected.  Based on how the previous G & K films went, I was sure I would enjoy the parts where it was all about the monsters.  But when it came to the story with the human portion, just like King of the Monsters, it pretty much feels like they’re just there to narrate what we’re watching in a very dramatic fashion.  Now, even though I like most of this cast, I didn’t think they all served much of a real purpose.  And was kinda glad that they had limited screen time.  I wouldn’t have been mad if they gave Eiza Gonzalez more time in front of the camera… but that’s just me.

Visually, this is probably the best-looking monster film of the series.  The coloring popped off the screen and almost every location design could be a kick-ass screen saver.

The very best thing about this one, and it’s the reason you would really want to see it on the big screen… The Fight.  Godzilla & Kong just go at it.  And they wasted no time getting the fight started.  I was surprised when we were barely into the movie when it went down.  Then again, it’s kind of a short movie, so there really was no time to waste.  But the two titans gave me what I wanted out of this.  Even better when we got to see the worst-kept movie secret, Mechagodzilla, finally show up.  Hong Kong will be under construction for a while after this.

As far as the story itself goes, it could have been better.  But not hating on it either.  As I said, the fight scenes are great and the whole reason to put Godzilla vs. Kong on your watch list.  And if you do take the time to see it, I highly recommend the theater.  That’s what these two bad boy monsters deserve.

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