Your Quick & Simple Review: “Honest Thief”

Talk about an actor who’s stuck in a world of playing the same kind of role over and over again.  That’s pretty much what’s happened to Liam Neeson.

Once again taking on a character where an event affects his personal life and requires a special set of skills, that he learned years before, to save the day.  Unlike the movie that started that repeating sequence for Neeson, Taken, Honest Thief isn’t on the same level of excitement or action.  It’s loaded with slow-moving, generic moments that look like Neeson is having a hard time performing.  That tends to happen to aging action stars.

Now is the time for a good action film to hit theaters, and Neeson has a huge fan base, however, without a compelling story, this most likely won’t draw in the crowd’s theaters desperately need.

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