Your Quick & Simple Review: Selah And The Spades

In this time of not having much to do, I guess we can all appreciate when streaming services give us something new to watch.  After all, as much I like watching The Office over and over again, even I need a change.   Which brings us to what was just released today on Prime Video… Selah And The Spades.

This isn’t, by any means, your typical High School, movie.  It’s actually a pretty serious film with a predominantly unknown cast.  And I think that really helps to sell this one.

Lovie Simone (Selah), gives a very strong performance as our lead character, who is one of the leaders of the five factions that runs the boarding school she attends.  But with all politics there’s a power struggle and Selah isn’t one to just let someone take her power… cause as she put it, “when you’re seventeen, you gotta grab on to that control , wherever you can and hold on for dear life.  Cause they always try to take it.  Don’t they?”

The only real issue I came across with this one, even though it’s a very good film, is that it might be too serious for the young audience it’s intended for.  Especially at a time like this.  But since there isn’t much else to do these days, it’s definitely worthy of being added to the “Watch List”

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