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Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Batman”

There’s been a lot of hype about Matt Reeves latest take on the Caped Crusader, played by Robert Pattinson.  And going into it I was worried that I was just gonna be wasting 3 perfectly good hours on another DC Lackluster.  Thankfully, that wasn’t the case… For the most part.

To answer the question, I’ve been asked about most, right off the bat… Is RP a good Batman?  The plain and simple answer is, yes.  His take on the character is different than that of Batfleck or Bale, but enjoyable.  I loved the new version of the Riddler, played by Paul Dano.  Usually, the Riddler is almost a throwaway character but not here.  He’s a straight-up crazy killer.  Two other things I liked… 1.  We finally get to see The Batman be The World’s Greatest Detective.  No other film really shows him like that.  2.  The appearance of the Batmobile.  That was a sit-up in your seat moment.

As far as what I didn’t care for, mostly it’s just a matter of opinion, but the 1st act was really slow for me.  Except for the opening scene, I almost fell asleep just cause I needed bigger moments.  And staying with those bigger moments, the ones I was excited to see, had lost a bit of its excitement because I had already seen them in the trailers.  I might have let it slide if there were other things to take their place in the film, but I didn’t really see anything new to do that.

All in all, Matt Reeves delivers here.  Giving us an almost origin story, but picking up just a lil further into the story, was a great way to get us feeling like we weren’t seeing the same thing over again.  Add in an amazing cast and this one becomes something DC fans will be able to hold their heads up high for.

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