Your Quick & Simple Review: “The Flash”

Finally!!!  After what feels like forever, DC’s, The Flash is hitting theaters this weekend.  Starring Ezra Miller, as the Flash… Michael Keaton & Ben Affleck as their individual Batman, as well as Sasha Calle as Supergirl.   There’s been a lot of hype around this movie, and as a lifelong DC fan, I’m glad I can say the hype is real.  Director, Andy Muschietti, held nothing back as the film is bookended with some amazing action sequences.  While the middle is loaded with exciting and sad moments, sprinkled with a whole lot of fun cameos.

As far as performances, Ezra did great in the duel rolls.  Both Barry’s have the same, but different, personalities.  And watching our Barry get tired/frustrated with himself was pretty funny.  Michael and Ben, in their individual takes as Bruce Wayne/Batman, were fun to see once again.  And like in their time as Batman, had some impressive fight scenes.  I was really fond of our new Supergirl, Sasha Calle.  Her version of the character was easy to believe and also had some great ass-kicking moments.  I’d like to see her return somewhere in James Gunns new DCU.

Two things I had with this about the movie.  One was some of the CGI.  More than a few times I thought it looked pretty cartoonish.  But, the more I watched it happen, I thought that maybe they did that on purpose… who knows.  Second, I thought the commercials/trailers started to show too much.  Some big cheer moments lost a little shine cause I knew what to expect.

Still, when it was all over, I wondered how exactly this was going to “reset” the DCU, as Gunn said it would.  And since we still have Aquaman coming out in December, what’s that movie gonna be like now?

Just make no mistake… The Flash is a good movie.  It’s loaded with fan service.  So, I can only hope that DC fans show up to support the movie, regardless of where our favorite heroes go from here.


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