Your Quick & Simple Review: “Violent Night”

What would the holiday season be if there wasn’t a new holiday movie to give all the warm fuzzy feeling?   Well, the new movie Violent Night doesn’t give you that, but it sure does give you squeamish ones… And I liked it.

First and foremost, this is not a movie for the lil ones.   Just cause it’s Christmas-themed and has a Santa Claus, do not bring the kiddos.

With that said, I liked how they didn’t waste time letting you know what kind of holiday film this would be.  Within the first 5 minutes, they dropped a gross bomb and it was pretty non-stop from there.

David Harbour was perfect for this one.  He was hilarious, charismatic, and strong.  Although I did wish he used the Russian accent from his character, Red Guardian, in the Black Widow movie.  Beverly D’Angelo, reminded me a lot of her character from Entourage, Barbra Miller.  She’s got the best potty mouth.

The only downside I had with this one, was somewhere near the middle of the film, it slowed down a bit with the crazy physical antics and went with straight verbal beatdowns.  Which was still funny, but I really dug the blood and guts moments the best.

The best thing about Violent Night, for me, was that it got me to react.  More than a few times I found myself making the yuck face.  Even put my hands over my eyes once.   When a film gets me that way, you know I was totally in on it.

With fun reminders of some other holiday films, Violent Night will definitely be one to see this holiday season.  I don’t know if it’ll be the instant holiday classic, but one that you’ll be glad you took the time to watch… maybe more than once… But not for kids.


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