Dana Cortez Show- Ella Mai Interview

By: Erika Minnix

Stardom can happen to anyone, anywhere. London singer-songwriter Ella Mai chats with The Dana Cortez show before performing Thursday, May 4th, at the Marquee Theater. She and Dana dive deep into Mai’s music inspiration, the benefits of sliding into DM, and judging if Dana has what it takes to be Ella Mai’s vocalist. 

Ella Mai leaves nothing behind in her new album’ Heart On My Sleeve’; her mask is off. Ella Mai’s vulnerability allows both her and her fans to connect mutually on an emotional level. Love makes us do crazy things. Although love runs deep, we shield our hearts, afraid to show what it means to love someone unconditionally. In a reality where everyone fears love, Ella Mai exposes the raw emotions behind her lyrics. Although there is love, there is heartbreak everywhere, even in London.

Songwriting inspiration can come from anywhere. Mai mentions how throughout her process, she would wonder if she was putting too much in the forefront, but her daily journal entry, like lyrics, shows her unguarded. But great art is made during these low moments of life. There have all been moments that everyone can relate to with her lyrics. At times we have all been let down by expectations, we all have been alone chasing someone who didn’t want us, and we all have been disgusted and bothered by someone’s action. But just because we are alone does not mean we are lonely. The power of music is what gets us through our day-to-day lives. 

Instagram drastically changes people’s lives, especially within the music industry. Before Ella Mai became the idol she is now, she worked retail and went to school for music. Artists aim for the chance to make it big. DJ Mustard was amazed by Ella Mai’s covers she sang on Instagram. And because of a simple Instagram DM, she and DJ Mustard ended up messaging back and forth. One simple lifestyle became a flight to New York to record a new album. With her creative expression, his executive-production hits ‘Boo’d Up and ‘Trip’ found their place on Billboards Hottests charts. 

Ella Mai sold out the Marquee Theater; seeing her perform live would be exactly like one would imagine. Her innocence on stage carried her through her performance. With an angelic voice like Ella Mai, you don’t need a large stage production. Her voice alone carried the show. Through her simplicity, fans felt every word sung. When looking around, it was apparent the impact she had. From the rail to the back felt her range of emotions. At one point, the crowd’s self-confidence was at a high. Next, you know, some start rereading old messages. 

Remember, when drinking that vodka cran, just because we can text them that message does not mean we should. So put your phone away, and don’t text them. Text from 9-10:30 are words from the feels and shouldn’t count. No matter what the text says, it’s said. 

Click here to see if Dana has what it takes to be a vocalist for Ella Mai.


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