Elloheim of BeSpecialTM Brings His Movement to Power98.3

By: Erika Minnix

Who says you have to be a certain age to make an impact? Anyone can make an impact at any age. 24-year-old Phoenix, Arizona native Elloheim Clark proves with dedication; simple dreams manifest into something more significant than ever imagined. Growing up, Ell was just like any other kid his age. He played basketball with his friends. However, all his friends made the varsity basketball team during his freshman year of high school. Unfortunately, Ell remained on JV. His dad was his trainer during the time and constantly would remind Ell to “BeSpecial.” 

Being special can mean many things, but Elloheim saw it as an opportunity to prove himself and train harder for that spot. During his freshman year at Pima Community College, he wore a shirt with BeSpecial across his chest. His peers were curious about how to get their hands on that shirt. Due to the recognition of high demand, BeSpecial was created and is here to stay.

Words hold power, and BeSpecial continues to prove that anyone and everyone can influence one another. Even words such as simple “BeSpecial” or the newest drop coming Friday, July 14 called “Your Potential Is Limitless” gives that little push of motivation to keep going, trying harder, and persevering through. Anyone can master the technique, but it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t come from within. 

Elloheim has entrepreneurship in his blood. His mom is an entrepreneur as well. Moms are the best, and Ell’s mom knows the importance of successfully running a business. She knows it would be easy for her to take control, but that’s not her role within BeSpecial. They have breakfast meetings where they talk business and check in on Ell to see if he needs assistance. She admires Elloheim’s dedication and watches his business model autonomy within BeSpecial as it continues to evolve.

Like all great moms, moments of tough love come, even though moms are typically the number one supporters. She constantly reminds Ell, “You’re not a fool. You’re not there to be someone’s entertainer, go to school, get your work done, and come home.”  Elloheim has been making himself a household name, and people on the street are starting to recognize Elloheim and what the brand BeSpecial stands for.

In the short span that BeSpecial has been around, evolving, and growing; this brand has already made an impact locally and is beginning to make its way into other states. There will always be moments when we see our hard work pay off. Ell has already experienced as such. In the past year, BeSpecial hosted its inaugural he already hosted Catching Excellence Summit. Elloheim brought in old coaches and prominent speakers to talk to these students. He and the non-profit, The BeSpecial Foundation hosted around 30 students for his first summit. Without high-budget marketing, he wanted people to see his passion and determination, which he accomplished. 

10% of all proceeds go towards the BeSpecial nonprofit- funding workshops, education programs, and athlete creativity outside of sports. Athletes’ dreams may be high, but only some are destined to get that shoe contract or sell out jerseys. There is a life after sports, and who knew motivational apparel would impact students and be used as tattoo inspiration by a loyal supporter? Proving how the power of a word makes dreams come true, reminding us every day that we are unique, with unlimited possibilities.

Be on the lookout for BeSpecial’s new line dropping this Friday, July 14th. This line consists of a Men’s and Women’s t-shirt and sweatshort set called “Your Potential is Limitless”, this will be available online at www.bespecialtm.com. You don’t want to miss out on the quality and experience BeSpecial provides for its supporters. 


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