Iconic Texas Ice Cream Blue Bell Scoop’s Up The Valley

By:Erika Minnix

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”

I bet you will be today’s year old to discover that there is a whole month dedicated to ice cream in July! Yep, you heard that right; ice cream not only gets a National Ice Cream Day, the third Sunday of every month.

There’s a reason why ice cream is the go-to snack for birthday parties and sleepovers. Or why ice cream is the comfort snack for those who are upset. Ice cream has many benefits; President Ronald Reagan agreed with what most kids think: ice cream is incredi-bowl and should be celebrated as much as possible. 

Texas is home to many different food brands. One of their most distinct brands is a household favorite: Blue Bell Creameries. Who knew a small East Texas town, Brenham, would be known throughout the United States?

Not letting excess cream from area farmers go to waste, local businessmen would sell butter to their neighbors. Four years later, ice cream was in the works for the Brenham residents, trailblazing the path to be a staple within Texas.  

Even though Blue Bell’s origins are in the Lone Star state, Texans are not alone in sharing their love for this beloved ice cream staple. Blue Bell has expanded to over 23 states. Arizona is one of the lucky ones to have Blue Bell Ice Cream delivered throughout grocery stores and local retailers. 

Blue Bell distinguishes itself by the ingredients used. Blue Bell originated when local businessmen and local farmers within Brenham, Texas, came together to find a way to use excess cream.  116 years later, family values are instilled throughout the company, all the way to bringing a smile to your face when you open the freezer and get out your first scoop of that creamy, delicious Blue Bell ice cream. 

Memories are best served cold with a cherry on top. At Blue Bell, they strive for every carton flavor to have a memory attached to the taste. A true staple with any ice cream flavor is classic vanilla. Since its debut in 1969, Homemade Vanilla has been Blue Bell’s best-seller. Yet, unlike other vanilla ice cream, Blue Bell’s ice cream will bring you back to cooking and laughing with your grandma in her kitchen. 

Ice cream flavor inspiration can come from anywhere. But with a versatile desert, you can try endless possibilities. But wait. Ice cream deliciousness doesn’t stop with just vanilla; Blue Bell offers more than 40 flavors and a list of limited edition rotating flavors, and the flavor combinations are limitless. Since July is National Ice Cream Month, a new flavor gets developed and released. 

Power 98.3 & 96.1 got an exclusive look at their three new July releases: Monster Cookie Dough, Java Jolt, and the iconic Texas collaboration of Blue Bell and Dr.Pepper: the Dr.Pepper Float. Blue Bell packs in many goodies packed in with each scoop. Because who doesn’t love vanilla mixed with peanut butter monster cookie dough or candy-coated chocolate pieces? Or yet, for that extra jolt to get through the day with the Java Jolt, If you need to make that mid-day coffee run, the Java Jolt is a necessity.

Life’s about priorities; ice cream should always be priority number one. Why be limited to one size? Blue Bell offers sweet, creamy, and delicious flavors in different sizes. A size for every mood, a pint, a half gallon, and if you have to share this delicacy, there are even single-serve party packs.

Either way, it’s July, and any excuse to eat ice cream sounds right. Who would deny all that ice cream is? As temperatures rise, prepare those spoons and smiles and treat yourself to a big bowl of ice cream. Don’t worry. These calories don’t count because of the happiness that follows along. 

Ice cream makes the world go round. Without ice cream, how else would we top our favorite warm desserts? Freshly baked pies, cookies, and brownies will just become bare and incomplete without the cold scoops dripping into the pies, cookies, and brownies, making them even more ooey gooey—a simple delicacy used for so much. Ice cream floats are perfect for movie nights or road trip snacks. The warm summer breeze, a playlist full of bangers, best friends, and a Blue Bell ice cream float in hand. 

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