Your Quick & Simple Review: “Barbie”

The one movie that I didn’t have much of a desire to see was Barbie.  I honestly didn’t think it was gonna be a movie, as a guy, would enjoy it.  However, the fact that Gretta Gerwig was the one calling the shots behind the camera would be the only reason I was willing to see it.  Well, that and the fact my granddaughter was dying to see it.  But, since her other two films, Ladybird & Little Women, were amazing, I thought I might be being too harsh before I’ve seen it.  And  I can say that I’m happy that not only did my granddaughter love it, but so did I.

The first of many things I loved was the opening sequence that featured the Helen Mirren opening monolog.  Anyone who’s played with action figures or dolls will understand what was so fun about it.  The little details were added to recapture the memories of playing alone or with your friends.

Then there was the Ken’s.  Ryan Gosling’s Ken never stole Barbie’s thunder, but whenever we see him, the other Ken’s, Michael Cera’s Allan, and Will Ferrell’s Mattel CEO the humor was elevated.  Plus, we can’t forget the powerful moment from America Ferrera as well as a heartwarming scene with Rhea Perlman & Margot.

The only downside to Barbie, for me anyway, was it felt crowded.  I understand Barbie has many variations, but I felt they tried to squeeze in too many that it took away from the Barbies that had more importance in the story.

As the ending credits started to roll, I noticed that not only was my granddaughter smiling, but so was I.  And I don’t think this will just be a “girls’ night out” flick, but will also be a fun date night or solo outing that will get some repeat viewing.

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